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The Dr. Doug Ramsey Show

You can find The Dr. Doug Ramsey Show LIVE, Sundays from 11a to 12p ET on

Dr. Doug Ramsey tackles today’s toughest finance and business issues. Dr. Doug has an extensive background that expands across multiple public (trading on the NYSE and Nasdaq) and private companies including positions as Board Director, President, CFO and Treasurer. In addition, across 18 years he has taught many of today’s business leaders as an Adjunct Professor of Finance at various universities including Southern Methodist University, Baylor, Texas Christian University and Cal Poly Pomona in both undergraduate and MBA programs.

Let Dr. Doug put his academic and industry experience to work for you. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting your first business, or a seasoned business veteran wanting to talk strategy, no business topic is off limits.

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22 de mai.

Can't make dough with Doug. It's a never ending next quarter for Breeze investors.

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