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Standing Ground

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Host Jeremy Leahy began his radio career in 1997 when he was employed at Entercom Communications in Boston to serve as the producer / talent of the Eagle Morning Show. After two years at Entercom he made the move into talk radio when he was hired as an executive producer at Greater Media’s WTKK talk station. In his five years at Greater Media he produced several local and national programs. He covered two Presidential elections and countless local and national stories.

In 2005 he left Greater Media to work at CBS radio in Boston until the economic collapse resulted in several cutbacks. He was brought back to Greater Media to serve as a producer and media consultant during the 2008 Presidential election.

For the last several years, he has been actively producing an independent podcast discussing politics, law, and current events under Leahy Media. Jeremy has written articles in the political arena and was recently published in Hill Magazine in reference to an article he submitted with respect to Hillary Clinton’s recent email scandal.

With respect to the Constitution he describes himself as a “ reasonable originalist”.   He often notes the Constitution was never intended to guarantee our rights. It was intended to protect our rights.

Jeremy is a strong opponent of judicial activism. He says, “The Federal Courts’ function is to interpret law, not make law.” He admires the presidential leadership of both Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

He’s a proud member of The Republican National Committee as well as The Federalist Society.

Jeremy holds a BA in Political Science from Framingham State University and currently resides just outside Boston, Massachusetts.

He can be contacted at:


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