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The Lee Brothers

Updated: Sep 9

Scott Lee's show has been a tradition in Richmond since 2003 on multiple different radio stations. The Lee Bros talk about state, local, and national issues while adding a dose of humor and entertainment. They take phone calls while discussing the current issues of the week. Tune into the “The Lee Brothers” every week, Saturday, 11a to 1p ET, on their Facebook/YouTube page and on Mojo 5-0 Radio. Email them at


Virginia Citizens: The Lee Brothers, the unofficial auditors of Virginia politics, Virginia culture and Virginia news. Discussing issues from the family kitchen table to the airwaves of Virginia from the perspective of two brothers living in the commonwealth. Even though they don’t always agree, they combine to offer a dash of irreverent humor with serious discussion of important issues that affect Virginians. The Lee Brothers cover all the angles of local topics that Virginians need to know.


American Patriots: The Lee Brothers believe America is unique, just, and the best place on earth. Using the exclusive Patriot Radio segment, they honor our country and troops while recognizing that freedom is not free and must be defended! As Patriotic Americans, the Lee Brothers defend its culture and traditions, including the original intent of the constitution and founding fathers. Scott and Richard recognize the founding of American began in the Commonwealth of Virginia and with thanks to great men of Virginia it was the start of an exceptional country!

Jefferson, Madison, Henry, Mason –American Patriots-Virginia Citizens – The Lee Brothers

Visit their site at:

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