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The Rich Solution with Gwen Rich

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Gwen Rich - The Rich Solution

When facing a devastating life sentence, incurable breast cancer, Gwen Rich decided to get creative about how she would continue to live her life. She challenged her faith, refined her health regiment, and upped her mental game. The secret behind her success, living years beyond her doctor’s prediction, is taking small actions that lead to big results. Not taking her remarkable health success for granted, she began to systematize her small changes until the result became predictable – and shares them with others. Her latest book is a heroic survival story that details the system for creating your own “good luck” and living life on your terms.

From learning, how to Empower yourself in any health situation, to using Community to restore Faith, to turning your Passion into a profitable business, to losing those last 10 pounds, to discovering your Living Meaning – any one of the pages in this “life book” can be ripped out and used as a recipe for success!

  • What problem do you face that needs to be resolved?

  • How much inspiration and confidence do you seek for your own transformation?

  • Are you looking for ways to change your life without massively disrupting your daily routine?

  • Can your pain become your passion and lead your own legacy?

The Rich Solution Community, led by Gwen, is here to share in your journey.

Meet Gwen and Adam Rich

It all started nearly 30 years ago in the bawdy ‘pits’ of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. That is where Adam first spotted his true love. They got married, had four children and 20 years later Gwen’s health took a deep dive into the ‘pits’. She was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Their story is a story of heroic small actions, love, and creating a lucky life full of joy, peace, happiness and health. It’s a story of taking what life throws at us, even when you are in the ‘pits”. At TheRichSolution we don’t believe in complaining or making excuses… and not just because it is boring but because complaining stops us from living a life of true meaning and purpose. Being lucky is a skill that you’re always improving. We practice this skill through being positive, observant, and ready to take action.​ Our mission is to help you turn good luck into a lifestyle choice – not a twist of fate. We want to help you live that “make-your-own-luck” lifestyle!

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