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The Rants of Izzo

Unafraid, unapologetic and unstoppable.

Dominick Izzo is a former 16 year veteran police officer, public servant, political candidate and Warrior for Christ.

His passion and mission is healing police community relations and modeling the oath he swore when taking on the responsibility of wearing the badge. Izzo believes his greatest service is to God and in serving his community he is living the calling that he was made for. 

Having received numerous honors, awards and serving as media liaison for numerous networks such as MTV and the BBC while serving as a police officer in his community, it is Izzo’s goal to bridge the gap between the police and the public through education, empowerment and respect.  This is the mission of Officer Dominick Izzo through his continued years of public service.  Reaching people through daily contact, social media and traveling the country to deliver the message on the true nature of being a cop, Officer Dominick Izzo is passionate about selfless service to our fellow man.


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