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Referred to as "the main one" (because no one else wants to open and close the show), Jaina is an Iowan who tends to put the sarc in sarcasm.  Suspiciously hopeful, Jaina believes in the exceptionalism of America but is anti-social enough to think people ruin everything.  Living the American dream, with her two dogs and zoo of birds, guinea pigs and turtles, Jaina is happy to tell you just how she feels about taxes, politicians and entitled idiots.

Jaina's hope for this show is to put a voice to the average American.  The Belles work 9-5 jobs and feel the strain of taxes and government meddling in their every day lives and Jaina feels that gives them a unique perspective and understanding of just what government "help" does.


Raquel, or as she's more widely known, Rocki, is a wife, mom to a special needs little girl (autism), homeowner, dog owner, student loan debtor, and resident of the state of Florida; much to Jaina and Sami's amusement. Rocki loves to talk about politics, faith, motherhood, pop culture and movies, and what it's like to grow up in Puerto Rico. As time has gone by, nothing has made Rocki happier than knowing she's chosen the right side, literally and figuratively. And the older she get, the more conservative libertarian  she leans! Rocki's goal is to use fun and laughter to inform people about news that they may not know about, because she too, was once there: indifferent and at times ignorant of the issues.

Rocki hopes you join us Belles on a journey to help steer this country back to the track our Founding Fathers intended us to be on, where we achieve Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and away from extreme policies that could lead to the decimation of our country as we know it.


Sami is the youngest member of the Belles of Liberty, and "The Asian One" as her grandmother came to America from Japan in the 1950s. She was born and raised in Seattle, WA but currently resides in Tulsa, OK with her soldier husband and their 3-year-old Golden Retriever. By day she works with special needs children, and by night she watches The Office reruns searching for plot holes. Growing up in a liberal stronghold, Sami has always been very outspoken about her conservative views, and has even converted a few of her friends to the cause. She has served in children's ministry and college ministry for years, and also has been known to write a Christmas play or two... and listens to Christmas music year-round.

Sami hopes The Belles of Liberty can provide hope for the average working American that they can not only be informed citizens, but that they are not alone out there, even in places like Seattle. Topics that you'll most likely hear her discussing include: The constitution, medical studies, Christianity, and military issues. 

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