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Defending 2A with Jason Gouffray

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The goal of my show is simple; “Legally arm, legally train, and legally defend.”  I seek to inform and entertain on all things 2nd Amendment.  The right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.  We are granted a God given right to self-defense.  What God has given, no man shall take, without a righteous fight.  It is enshrined as the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution in the Bill of Rights.  Without it, all rights are null and void as we have no way to defend against those who would take those rights from us.  The confiscation of arms was the catalyst to the American Revolutionary War that freed the British colonies from the tyrannical monarchy that sought to subdue and abuse the citizens of this continent.   The founding fathers knew that only the citizens in a country for the people and by the people could defend themselves, not any government sanctioned body. Today, we need to fully exorcise this right by legally arming, training, and defending our persons, family, property and community at large.  I will share knowledge on what it is to be a “civilian sheepdog” and how it is necessary for all that are legally able to arm and carry their firearms wherever legal.  Only through knowledge of the law, constant training, and legal action can we guarantee a peaceful and productive society. 

I am merely a fellow Civilian Sheepdog in training sounding the call to all who are legally able to join the ranks.  Additionally, I am a first-generation refugee from communism.  My Father and grandparents were forced to flee Cuba in 1959 from the communist uprising that stole property, freedom, and life from the free Cuban people.  I am married to a card-carrying member of the Cherokee Nation.  My 2 sons are also legitimate Cherokee Nation card carrying members.  I am proud to have increased the tribe’s citizenship.  And now I stand to fight for you with my show Defending 2A with Jason Gouffray.  I will discuss current events in relation to political action for and against the 2nd Amendment.  You will learn why Civilian Sheepdogs are the most effective way to keep the wolves at bay and to keep the peace-loving sheep free to roam and graze.  I hope and pray that you and I will never need to put our firearms into use and the majority of us won’t.  However, for the few that will be witness to the evil that does exist, only through training, knowledge of the law, and decisive action can that evil be terminated.  It is paramount that we retain the universal equalizer, the firearm, as citizens of the greatest country on Earth, the United States of America.  For without the 2nd Amendment, we are all defenseless sheep left to hope for survival.

Join me on Defending 2A with Jason Gouffray and learn how to Legally arm, legally train, and legally defend all that you hold dear.

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