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Black Man Thinkin'


MONDAYS – 10PM (eastern) / 7PM (pacific)

STANLEY LEVY delivers a politically incorrect and completely unfiltered look at America through the eyes of a Conservative Black Man.

A Georgia Tech graduate… Served in the United States Air Force… Resides in California (In the land of Governor Moonbeam!) This translates into: Brains… Strength… and Extreme Tolerance…

There are no holds barred with Stanley Levy when it comes to politics, race and The US Constitution.
Stanley Levy takes Talk Radio Conservatism to a new level with absolutely no apologies!

Check out Stan’s Website: Black Man Thinkin’

Find Black Man Thinkin’ on Facebook:

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Miembro desconocido
04 jul 2019

Mojo50 has so much good content that I literally don't have enough time to listen to it all. Not sure if this is a good or a bad problem to have!

Me gusta
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