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Last of the Analog Kids

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

“Explore the depths and power of the information superhighway”

Dan and Jenn host Last of the Analog Kids, a podcast that explores uncomfortable truths and the current political saga in the U.S. and worldwide, alongside special guests of the likes of musician Sean Danielson, activist Noor Bin Laden and actor Jim Breuer.

Last of the Analog Kids provides an auditory portal to the deep digital domain across multiple platforms avoided by the mainstream media and tabooed by those who control the narrative. In an effort to combat censorship on social media, Dan and Jenn explore with the listener the enigma that are the Qdrops that sparked the 2nd American Revolution of digital soldiers on a quest for truth and transparency.

Dan is a Digital Soldier from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been a citizen journalist since early 2018 and currently serves as COO of The BaQery LLC. His handle on instagram @wwg1wga_ reaches over 250k+ accounts and is a direct portal to current Qdrops.

Jenn is an artist from Venice, California and is creative director of The BaQery. Her handle @rabbit_seventeen is a portfolio example of strategic meme thought-bombs. She is a contributing writer to, designer of RedPillFashion and creator of digital media.

Catch the show on Mojo 5-0 Radio at 6pm ET.

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