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Congratulations to:


with Rocki and Eric

Winners of the October 2020 Open Mic Contest

Catch their new show on Saturdays at 9a ET!

Do you have THE MOJO?  Think you've got what it takes to get your show on Mojo 5-0 Radio?  If so, let's hear it!

Open Mic Sundays evolved out of a love for our fans and listeners.  We’ve received a few show submissions and want to use our platform to give everyone a chance to get noticed through our distribution platform.  Mojo 5-0 Radio was born out of love for our country, but mostly out of love for our fans and listeners.   We’d like to give back.

Mojo 5-0 Radio is offering you the chance to get your show hosted on Mojo 5-0 Radio and distributed by iHeartRadio each week as our newest Mojo 5-0 family member.  If you've got a talkshow that fits with our station's format, we want to give you the opportunity to offer it to the listeners of Mojo 5-0 Radio so that they can decide if your show has what it takes to become a permanent part of the lineup.

Follow the instructions below, read and understand the requirements, and complete the form to let us know you're ready to knock our socks off.  Remember, this isn't your grandparents talk radio.  We want your best!  So.... BRING IT!


Mojo 5-0 Radio will offer broadcast distribution to up to four new potential shows.  At the end of the four weeks, listeners and Mojo 5-0 Radio owners will vote on which of the four shows will be selected to be added to the Mojo 5-0 weekend line up on a permanent basis.  The selected show will have a choice of currently open weekend time slots.


Each (max 1 hour) submission will be given a four week run time and will be played at the same time each Sunday for a full four weeks.  Each show must follow the guidelines laid out by Mojo 5-0 Radio and must be ready to go (uploaded) one day prior to show time each week.  (NOTE: Mojo 5-0 Radio will not be responsible for your production.  This must be done by you or a producer of your choice.)


Here’s what will be evaluated:


  • Overall show content

  • Overall chemistry between co-hosts (if more than one host)

  • How well you perform the live reads for our current sponsors

  • Overall production value (audio levels, music chosen, being able to follow the technical specifications, segment timing, etc)

  • Overall number of listeners during the hour on iHeartRadio or our player (does NOT include viewers on social media)

  • Amount of promotion you can get the other shows to do for your show

  • Production value of :30 second promo


One :30 second promo will be allowed during the four-week run.  You may change the promo ONCE during the month, but only one will be allowed at a time.  This will be run multiple times daily on Mojo 5-0 Radio to help you gain listeners.  All shows that are competing for a time slot will also have their promos run once during The Daily Mojo each day.

If your show is not selected at the end of the competition month, you must wait at least 30 days to resubmit.  In other words, you are not eligible to complete in back-to-back months.

If your show is selected to compete, you will be provided with a program clock, technical specifications for your show files, and a shared Dropbox folder to upload them.  If you don't have Dropbox, get it.  It's free to use.  You'll also need a producer or you'll need some editing software to make sure your show files sound professional and meet the audio requirements.

NOTE:  We won't be recording your show, nor will we be podcasting it.  We will ONLY be monitoring the number of listeners during the hour that it's LIVE on the station.  Additionally, errors DO happen periodically on our automation platform.  If an error occurs, we will be rebroadcasting that show at a later time during the day.  Be prepared to notify your listeners just in case.  You may choose to post about your show on your social media platforms, and that's fine, but please be sure to let your followers know where to listen and at what time.

Now Accepting Entries for Future Contests

Contest Form:

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and content of the show hosts and their guests appearing on Mojo 5-0 Radio are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Cuddle Me Buff, LLC., its owners and partners or this network.  Thank you for listening to Mojo 5-0 Radio.

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